Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts

01. So it really has been ages since I did a Bookish post… Over the last two months I’ve had a terrific holiday in Hong Kong; had a tense wait for results after having three more moles removed (all clear. Get your skin checked everyone); wrote eleventy-billion words for uni; and moved house. Our new house has a superb Crepe Myrtle in the backyard. I can’t wait to see it flower. Continue reading


Top Ten Bookish Things (That Aren’t Books) That I’d Like To Own


I was standing in a supermarket queue with my son (who was about three at the time) – he had just put on a big performance over not being allowed anything from the wretched lolly display at the checkout. “But I need some!” he wailed. I calmly replied, “You want some, you don’t need them. Want and need are different things.” A woman standing behind me sniggered and, gesturing to her stack of shopping bags said “I needed all this!”

Yes, we’re grown-ups and we understand the difference between want and need. So we also appreciate that I need all of the following:

10. Perfume. That smells like paper. Perfect. Continue reading

Library walls

I vividly remember visiting a friend’s house for the first time when I was about twelve years old. I stepped through the front door and found myself looking down a long hallway, lined all the way with floor to ceiling bookshelves. Some people might find that claustrophobic. I found it wonderful. Since then, I’ve always had a thing for library walls.

If you can’t have your own library, perhaps there’s room for a library wall – and what better way to decorate than with books?

All images grabbed from Pinterest.


Some time ago a friend suggested we organise a book exchange morning tea. Super idea, I thought. But it was November – the festive season, school holidays and then the beginning of school got in the way of a concrete plan.

I was reminded of the idea last week. A member of my book group told us how she put all of her books that she no longer needed on a shelf at her work place for others to read – others did the same and it has evolved into a micro-library. Neat.

Then I came across this article about micro-book depots. Some of them are ace. It had me thinking about the morning tea/ book exchange again… Not a book group (because I have one of those), but something… Stay tuned.