Show-off holiday post: Italy part 3 (the south bit)

We caught the train from Montepulciano to Naples, and drove from there to Sorrento (with me quietly congratulating myself on the decision to hire drivers in Italy rather than get behind the wheel ourselves. Traffic in Naples was insane). We had four nights in Sorrento (I can already tell you, it wasn’t long enough). The highlights: Continue reading

Show-off holiday post: Germany Part 2 (the Berlin bit)

Picking up from where I left off

After a few nights in Prague, we took the train to Berlin, where we were staying for Christmas.

I visited Berlin in 2014, loved it, and had my heart set on returning as soon as I could (achievement unlocked). I was looking forward to showing my family this fascinating city and although we did many of the things I’d done in 2014, our stay was longer than my first, so we managed a few new-to-me sights. The highlights: Continue reading

Show-off holiday post: Prague

We made a quick detour out of Germany for a few nights in Prague (my first visit to the Czech Republic).

First impressions: the snow was very pretty – big fat, visible flakes; try as I might, I couldn’t get a handle on speaking any Czech (phonetics really let you down in some places); also didn’t get the conversion of koruna to AUD or Euros sorted in my mind, so everything we bought could have been insanely cheap or outrageously expensive…; the escalators at the train stations were so fast I couldn’t believe there wasn’t a pile of people at the bottom; chimney cakes are always a good idea (below); and they know how to decorate a Christmas tree.

Continue reading

Show-off holiday post: Germany (Part One)

I have visited Germany many times and wanted to show my family some of what I love and find fascinating about the country.

In planning our itinerary, I chose some places I’d been before and some that were new to me. We started in Munich, drove south through the Bavarian Alps as far as Schloss Neuschwanstein, before heading north for Dinkelsbühl, Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Nuremberg and Dresden. Here’s my top ten (in no particular order): Continue reading