Melbourne Writers Festival 2018 – Opening Night and other lovely things

The 2018 Melbourne Writers Festival began last Friday with an opening night party at the Melbourne Museum. Out with the staid format, this year’s Festival launched with poets, the amazing shOUT choir, rap and soul singers, and an address from Andrew W.K.

To be perfectly honest, I had no idea what to expect from Andrew W.K. His music is not my cup of tea and I wondered about his credentials as a motivational speaker (and whether that was MWF-worthy).

His message – simply ‘party hard’ – sounded a little flimsy…

“It’s very intense to be alive. I’ve been waiting for it to lighten up but it hasn’t… so let’s do it as a team. Partying.” Continue reading

Book Nooks

Realistically, I’m never going to have my own library room. But a ‘book nook’ is not out of the question, is it?

When I think ‘book nook’ I remember a cosy corner my grade one teacher set up – bean bags, shelves crammed with books and a gauze curtain shielding out the rest of the classroom. I’m thinking something a little more permanent for my ultimate book nook. Check out these lovely nooks – the one above is perfection. Continue reading