Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts


01. BEST weekend. Started with ten hours of gin on Saturday – a friend and I went on tour to the Melbourne Gin Company with the Gin Queen. We’re now BFFs with Caroline (the Gin Queen) – you know your people when you meet them – and obviously there will be more gin tours in my future. Continue reading

The Women In Black by Madeleine St. John


I don’t usually write reviews for re-reads because they must be ace books* if I’m taking the time to re-read them, right? But there’s been a few exceptions along the way and The Women In Black by Madeleine St. John is one.

I’d forgotten just how charming this story is when I picked it up last Friday. My hasty re-read (it is a very short book) was prompted by my theatre engagement that evening – Melbourne Theatre Company’s production of Ladies in Black.

Set in a department store in Sydney called Goode’s in the late 1950s, the story traces the lives of four women working in the Ladies’ Frock Department.

“Goode’s stayed ahead of the competition by means of a terrific dedication to the modes.”
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