Lately (winter edition)

Wishing: that every week was Negroni Week if these are the things that distillers come up with

Feeling: disappointed that my trip to Nepal couldn’t happen in June… (but might still happen)

Listening: to new-to-me podcasts – 13 Alibis and 13 Minutes to the Moon

Making: spicy orange brisket tacos

Needing: to organise photos from our Christmas trip into albums (I’m old school – I print photos and put them in albums)

Wearing: scarf bought in Berlin – it was outrageously expensive (a language fail on my part!) but wonderfully warm and light

Reading: almost finished Denial (History on Trial) by Deborah Lipstadt, about to start Hannah’s Dress by Pascale Hugues

Anticipating: release of the Melbourne Writers Festival program on July 10 (and thinking it serendipitous that the early announcement of international authors includes Deborah Lipstadt)

Watching: The Miniaturist (SBS), Fosse/Verdon (Foxtel), MotherFatherSon (Foxtel), Tales of the City (Netflix) – so many ace shows!

Coveting: note to self: I do not need any more bags… also this camera bag

Aiming: to get to Messer


9 responses

  1. As someone with a lot of allergies I’m very glad I clicked on the tacos link – I’ve not seen that website before and the food looks delicious, without me having to go sloooowly through the ingredients list!

    You can never have too many bags – and then you can fill them with books 😉

  2. Just letting you know Messer has closed down. Looked it up on your mention and it’s announced on the website. Boo hoo. Love your posts and I agree with you about American Marriage.

    • Waaaahhhh! It must have closed very recently. So cross I missed out.

      Thanks re American Marriage… it seems from others comments that the ‘minority’ is slightly bigger than I first thought!

  3. I like scarves but so infrequently get to wear them in Perth. On our one trip to Europe Milly taught herself to tie scarves the ‘French’ way and is on her way to a considerable collection, which generally means she has a spare dark one in her bag if I’m out on a cold night without one.

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