Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts

01. Made this yesterday and it was delicious.

02. You know when you’re waiting on an email and you hit refresh every 22 seconds? That.

03. Hold the front page of The Oracle, there’s a Sweet Valley High movie on the way.

04. I love this idea.

05. This blows my mind.

06. I particularly like the Queen’s pre-lunch and bedtime routines

07. Useful John Irving links via Jenny (including a tiny hint about the next book – hoorah!)

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8 responses

  1. Love the cake recipe, but what a difficult website to actually use if you want to print out the recipe. I’ve turned it into a one-page word doc with a pic, but it took time to do it!

    • I know, I thought the same thing! I hit print, waited for the recipe bit to be printed and then cancelled the print so that didn’t end up with all the comments. The recipe itself is a little odd but the end result was delicious.

      • Print preview said it was going to take 48 pages! Do you want me to email you my print version of it? You could then upload it as ‘media’ on your blog.

  2. Thrilled to hear Irving has another book coming! And that there’s a Sweet Valley High movie…I was obsessed with those books growing up!

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