Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts


01. We had a brilliant two weeks at the beach and although I didn’t do as much reading as I normally would, I did get to go sailing, snorkeling at lots of good spots; and swimming with the seals. And the sun shone. And we ate lots of good food, including a mountain of flatties caught by my children, and squid… so much squid (friends, squid deliveries will resume in February). And the sun shone. And we had lots of visits from friends, so it was all lovely.

02. Finally made a decision about uni and pleased that I can now focus on the year ahead. It’s exciting to have a complete change of direction.

03. Our annual international dinner night with friends is fast approaching – this year we’ve decided to go a little German. I’ve been doing a trial run on the Spätzle and Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte (quality control, obvs) but was devastated to discover that the one place I was counting on for Mohrenkopf, had none.


04. Mohrenkopf are impossible to get in Australia. Impossible. If anyone knows where I can buy them, please tell me (sold under the label ‘Choc Whip’ here).

05. My nine-year-old, who learns #ALLTHETHINGS from YouTube suggested we simply make some. We found this video of commercial Mohrenkopf production and after the bit where the machine pipes the marshmallow onto the wafers, she sighed and said “That’s so satisfying…” I hear ya.

06. And speaking of the nine-year-old who makes #ALLTHETHINGS, she’d trade all of her brothers for one of these (it should be noted that I’m the anti-craft, so no idea where her interest/ ability comes from).

07. I missed a couple of days of War & Peace with my Serial Reader app but I’m back on track.

08. How long is too long for Christmas lights? (I really like them…)

09. Can’t say I’m not a teensy bit thrilled by all the back-to-school stuff appearing in the shops…

10. It’s silly, but I laughed (via Magic Coffee Hair).


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11 responses

  1. Such gorgeous blue skies – just the thing to cheer us up here in the UK! Should you every decide to repeat the German (or perhaps that should be Austrian) theme at your international dinner parties I can recommend kasierschmarrn for pudding. Fabulous!

  2. Not come across Mohrenkops before – they sound a bit like ‘walnut whips’ which used to be so popular in the UK – essentially they are some kind of marshmallow encased in chocolate and with a walnut stuck on the top. they were always in our stockings on christmas morning.

  3. The beach looks lovely and – swimming with seals, wow! I’m looking forward to school going back as well and I don’t have kids. I don’t know why! I think it means everyone else’s holidays have finished as well!

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