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    • There were aspects of this book that I liked more than The Miniaturist and others that I liked less. I think her writing in The Muse was better – still beautifully descriptive, but tighter. On the downside, I didn’t have the emotional connection to the characters that I did in The Miniaturist – this may have been simply because it followed two different timelines.

  1. I really enjoyed The Miniaturist so was a bit anxious about leaping into this one. I’m not sure if 3.5 stars is enough for it to make it to my TBR list. I feel I need to start exercising some discretion….

  2. The plotting was a bit off with The Miniaturist but I loved her ability to create the atmosphere of Amsterdam in its golden years. Does she do a similar job with the setting of this latest novel?

  3. I love art thriller as well! Actually, even just art fiction usually works for me. Did you read The Anatomy Lesson? I loved that one.

    I appreciate this review because I read The Muse before it came out but never wrote a review because I could not clarify my feelings about the novel. You did a great job! Ultimately, for whatever reason the atmospheric immersion of The Miniaturist was so perfect to me that no matter what she wrote next it would fall a bit short.

  4. The cover gods have been good to this author. Both of her novels have caught my eye but I haven’t picked them up yet. Someday. 🙂

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