Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts


01. BEST weekend. Started with ten hours of gin on Saturday – a friend and I went on tour to the Melbourne Gin Company with the Gin Queen. We’re now BFFs with Caroline (the Gin Queen) – you know your people when you meet them – and obviously there will be more gin tours in my future.


02. On Sunday I popped into the Finders Keepers Market to make a start on the Christmas shopping (I’m organised, okay?). Picked up excellent things – tonic syrup, earrings and some sweet crochet.

03. Things I loved for myself at the Market but didn’t buy because I’m the embodiment of restraint*: this dress and a clutch from this store in a black and white Marimekko print.

04. A short story from Ottessa Moshfegh – she sure is dark.

05. How did I not know about Trip Fiction?

06. Book-to-film adaptions coming up that look good: Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty (didn’t love the book but the casting for the series is interesting); and Tim Winton’s Breath (saw something about this a few days ago – do you think I can find that reference now?!).

07. A friend alerted me to these literary tees.

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*stop laughing, people who know me IRL.


18 responses

  1. 2 – That crochet is adorable. I’m excited to learn Sydney has a Finders Keepers market too! I think I’ll pay it a visit when it’s on.

    3 – I wish you hadn’t shared that Partos and Pike link. I really like that green shirt they have AND IT’S ON SALE. I am NOT the embodiment of restraint.

    6 – I think I might have seen the same Tim Winton ‘Breath’ thing as you. I got really excited because Elizabeth Debicki is in it and I love her. Was it this article??

    7 – I think I want a tote to go with the thousands of totes I already have. Also, how does one go about selecting which book to go with? There are so many excellent ones.

    • 2 – Finders Keepers is always good. Certainly in Melbourne they keep a good mix of stall holders so it’s not all same same every time.

      3 – On sale? It would be rude not to…

      6. I saw that article but that wasn’t it… It was on Twitter and had only just been published. Think I saw it through a publishers website but can’t for the life of me find it. Oh well, at least we know Breath is coming soon (with a great cast).

      7. And scarves, I always need those…

  2. I’ve realised my life is sadly lacking a crochet doughnut 😦

    Trip Lit is great – thanks for alerting me to it! It’s going to be a big help on my Around the World in 80 Books reading challenge (if my TBR could weep, it would….)

    • Seriously, how did we all miss Trip Fiction?! Apart from you killing your 80 Books challenge, it will also be useful for me to do a little Hong Kong related reading (planning a holiday there next year).

  3. I just did a search on Trip Lit. Turns out there are no horror or suspense books set in Melbourne. (I was thinking of Halloween coming up). So there is a niche waiting to be filled, by either a review or a novel!

    • I was quite surprised to see what a big name cast they had for Big Little Lies. Apparently the producers have also bought the rights to her latest, Truly Madly Guilty (which I haven’t read).

  4. Breath should be interesting….

    I met Caroline years ago. I think she had another blog then and was just starting The Gin Queen. Am not a gin drinker myself! 🙂 #champers #redwine #only

    • Must admit that I’m not a huge Moriarty fan but that’s because I spend too much time trying to guess the twists! Apparently the producers of Big Little Lies have also bought the rights to her latest, Truly Madly Guilty (which I haven’t read but my book group did, with generally poor reviews).

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