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  1. It sounds interesting. Thanks for visiting my blog. I accidentally posted a post I was working on. (99 Books for Book Clubs). Your comment alerted me about it so I’ve since deleted the post. Please visit again soon. I’ll post it as soon as I have 99 books. Thanks for your recs. I’ll look them up!

  2. I went to see Charlotte on Wednesday night at Stella Prize winner conversation thingy and I swear, a nicer person could not have won this prize. I don’t know why they’re bothering with waiting around for shortlist announcements for all these other prizes the book is nominated for – they should just give her all the prizes.

    • I’ve only heard her speak once (last year when TNWOT was released) but agree, she is so genuine, thoughtful and a generous speaker. And absolutely agree about #ALLTHEPRIZES

  3. ha! That’s so funny because I did an identical thing for the National Book Awards and I also picked the right winner. It was a ton of fun and I think I need to find more book awards to be obsessed with so I can do that more. Congrats on picking right. 😀

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