Family Life by Akhil Sharma


Family Life by Akhil Sharma – a book with the best last line* I’ve read in decades**.


*and for all those people who read the last page first, two things:
1. Who are you people?
2. Stop it.

**the last one being Angela’s Ashes by Frank McCourt.

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    • Haven”t read The Death of Vishnu – have to now, obvs.

      I think you’ll enjoy Family Life (it’s a quick read and the final line throws the whole thing into a new perspective – my book group LOVED it).

  1. Can’t think of a last line that made a big impact but I reckon the best and devastating last paragraph is Nicholas Monsarrat’s “The Story of Esther Costello”

  2. Now I’ll have to bump this up the reading list just to get to that last line. I can’t think of a memorable last line from a novel but the end of Paradise Lost book nine has stayed with me for years

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    • Sorry my review wasn’t very insightful! But honestly, a wonderful book and a great book group choice – lots of elements of the story demand conversation (including the last line!).

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