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  1. Thanks Katrina, that’s ace! I haven’t read many of them but I love Wonder and The Book Thief. I remember I liked Angela’s Ashes when it came out. And I read Cider House Rules – but years ago.

    So, I Expect you have hit the nail on the head with all the others … I’ll start reading ASAP.

    And how good was the octopus … and the nasturtium oil? And that cheese …


  2. Oh and, I loved The Jane Austen Book Club … and I am keen to read her other one. And I am currently 2/3 through One Day … It’s my book on the go. And I just then borrowed The Miniaturist on BorrowBox.

    Really. So excited.

    • The Miniaturist reminded me of Eucalyptus in some ways – that fairytale quality.

      I haven’t read The Jane Austen Book Club but WEACBO is apparently very different to her other books, so I hope you like it. If you can, avoid reading reviews because there are far too many spoilers out there!

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