Charlotte Street by Danny Wallace


Charlotte Street by Danny Wallace has been in my TBR stack for a very long time. It’s a very long book. This is a very short review.

The story can be summed up with this*:

Except the main character is not a music teacher but an ex-teacher/would-be journalist named Jason Priestley (not that Jason Priestley) and the girl is some random chick he bumped into on Charlotte Street. She’s not blind.

There’s a disposable camera involved, a cast of excellent support characters, pizza-personality-analysis, video games, a brilliant engagement party scene and some bits that made me laugh out loud. But did I mention long (416 pages)? A one-hundred page chop would have made this book a whole lot snappier.

3/5 Is it going to be a film? I don’t know… I guess I could google it…. Anyway, it will be/would be an excellent rom-com.

*Let’s not ever forget how INSANE that film clip is.


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  1. Our thoughts were pretty much the same on this one. And yes, the film rights have been sold, whether or not it will actually be made into a movie is a different story…

    Of course, I liked the pizza analysis. I think I even assigned my own in my review.

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