Bugger. This happened.

I had a self-imposed winter book buying ban. I’ve held true to it, despite all the temptations that came my way. And then last night, with approximately 28 hours left on my three-month long ban, this happened:


No excuses. I was in the moment at Cyndi’s 30th anniversary She’s So Unusual tour. I love a bit of tour merch and I really, really love Cyndi.

And for those who are wondering, the concert was ace. She played the whole She’s So Unusual album, in order, track-by-track, Side A and then Side B. I’ve never been to a concert where an artist did that. It was kind of amazing to know what song was coming next… The segue-ways between the songs were weird because they are so familiar –  you’ve choreographed them in your bedroom in front of the mirror, hairbrush-microphone in hand, a million times.

It seems nearly every song on She’s So Unusual was a hit but last night my highlights were She Bop, Time after Time and All Through the Night. Cyndi told lots of stories (she certainly likes a chat) and broke out the uke for He’s So Unusual. Brilliant night. I love you Cyndi (and they just don’t make pop {or pop stars} like you anymore).


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