New jacket required

There’s a whole shopping world out there for people who like reading accessories – I don’t mean bookmarks and little lights that clip to your book. No, I’m talking about book bags printed with LOLs, jewellery that says you’re a keen reader and wall art all about books. I have a million of these kinds of trinkets on my Pinterest boards (and will share some favourites soon) but I came across a very nice reading accessory freebie today, thanks to Constance Reader.

Printable dust jackets – the most stylish way to tell everyone “Go away, I’m reading.” The downloadable book jackets are the work of Sarah Enni, Tracey Neithercott and Erin Bowman. And while I can’t quite wrap one around my Kindle, I will be printing them to provide fair warning to my family that ‘Mum is in book mode – please do not ask for a biscuit/ help changing the toilet roll/ shoe laces to be tied’.


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